Life Is About Progress Not Perfection

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Yes, Life Is About Progress Not Perfection.

One thing I’ve noticed as I continue this journey every day is that life is “One step at a time” You can’t jump if you have not crawl, even if you are jumping someone must hold your hands.

Thus a child will start from crawling, standing, walking, before running, it’s quite unusual to see a child who did not pass through this important life stages.

That’s the first lesson, life present at our feet when we were children, but as we grow up, the need for comfort, love, satisfaction, fulfillment, and power becomes our desire and we struggle to do all we can to achieve these most important goals we set for ourselves.

A friend once asked me “Abel, what’s your plan? What do you want from life” I would have said “I want happiness” because I enjoyed the movie “The pursuit of happiness” but the truth is life keeps changes, that we sometimes become confused about what we want.

“So what do you want from life?” A question that has no definite answer. Or should I say, “I want to live the life of my dreams” What the heck? What dreams? Please tell us more, elaborate, we want to know. That’s just it,life has different answers and solutions to the same question.

Moving ahead, Fear of rejection, pride, and ego all look the same to me because that’s the number step you must overcome as you climb up the ladder, “What ladder?” you may wish to know, but no matter how you see it, life is about progress, not perfection.

1. Curiosity Is The Key

I love being curious please don’t blame me. Curiosity speaks more than decisions.

In this generation, you must be open to ideas in order to achieve your goals. The way society works now is quite different from the way we were taught in school. So limiting yourself to your classroom knowledge will not help you anywhere, be curious, and take it one step at a time.

Don’t wait for perfection, Start crawling, little progress (one step at a time) will move you closer to your set goals
Passion Will Help

One thing that will keep you up at night and make you strong when you are tired is your passion. Define it,find it and your life will be more meaningful and interesting.

When all others fails, your passion will keep you going.

2. Desire Is Very Important

Once your passion is on fire, your desire keeps its burning. Your passion cannot burns for long without your desire. Have passion and fuel it with your desire.

Desire drives your passion and increases your thirst for success and learning
Relationship Will do

As a blogger, I grow and develop with every blog post.

And my joy comes when people read and share my post. Without this relationship, blogging won’t be fun.

Don’t neglect little relationship, it will pay up in the long run, no matter how you see the other person.

Always remember, imperfections are part of life, don’t expect everyone to be perfect, just keep working on yourself.

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