This is why you should join the Community of Top Traders in Africa

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Last two weeks, my friend Japhet wrote an article on Michael Essien, the founder of the Community of Top Traders in Africa (COTTA). In the article, Japhet highlighted how Michael Essien was inspiring a new generation of Forex traders in Africa.

As an attempted Forex trader who had pass through all the stages every new trader pass through in the market. From blown accounts to some good success, I was curious to learn more about the community of Top Traders in Africa (COTTA), so I asked Japhet to do an in-depth story on COTTA for the blog.

To be truthful, the testimonies and the responses that Japhet got is amazing, let me break it down.

This is why you should join the Community of Top Traders in Africa

1.To boost your trading confidence

As a Forex trader, at some point, you will make some wrong trading decisions. sometimes, if you are not careful, the outcome of your decision can affect your trading confidence. Once your confidence is affected, losing trades becomes an habit. What COTTA does is to expose you to trading strategies and psychology that will inspire you to place trades without any fear.

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2. Engage and communicate with Like minds

Trading is not supposed to be boring. When you pay a one time fee of $100 to join COTTA, you are joining a  community of traders who are hungry for success. Why your confidence level is high to place trade, Michael Essien and other members of the community will be sharing their signals in the group daily to also help you make  some extra cash.

3. You can reduce your trading risk

Don’t let anyone deceive you, trading is very risky, you can lose all your money if you are trading alone and don’t have any good strategy.  Joining a community like COTTA will help you reduce this risk. From assisting you to  define a good trading strategy, to a good trading psychology and signals, you can master one of the strength of great forex traders-  Risk Management

To Join COTTA now, Click here

4. You can have your financial freedom in no time

Getting financial freedom is not easy to get by. But according to Japhet’s research, COTTA will teach you the habit of being a good fund manager and guide you till you develop the confidence to manage your fund profitably.

As a fund manager, you will decide your daily and monthly profit and you will also put in the work based on the knowledge you have gotten from COTTA to make sure you  meet your daily target.

Click here to join the Community of Top Traders in Africa now.

Disclaimer: Trading the forex market is very risky, get the required knowledge and master risk management 

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